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Eliminate fish odor with a simple wipe? We didn’t believe it until we tried it.

by the Fish On Daily staff

I’ll admit that I when I first heard about a simple hand wipe that claimed to completely eliminate fish odor from your hands (or most anything else), I was highly skeptical. I’ve fished all my life, and even after a good soap-and-water scrubbing, rarely does all the fish smell come off my hands. Therefore, when I got the chance to try out the new Fish-D-Funk odor removal wipes, I just couldn’t give the product the benefit of the doubt.

Shame on me.

To test the Fish-D-Funk odor removal wipes, I subjected my hands to the smelliest of my typical summer fishing scenarios—fishing for catfish (with chicken livers and stink baits) and bluegills (to my nose, one of the strongest and most pungent fishy-smelling fish there is). To be honest, I felt like I wasn’t giving this product a fair shake. As I said, soap and water almost never completely gets rid of this smell from my hands. How then, I wondered, would a wipe be able to do better?

I spent the first half of the day catfishing, sloshing my hands in the lake after each bait-up or fish encounter just to remove the slime and gunk. When I got back to the truck, I opened up my pack of Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal hand wipes. They looked similar to the sanitizing hand wipes I use religiously during the cold and flu season to keep from picking up nasty bugs at the local supermart.

Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal wipes come in a plastic canister for boat pier use, or in a resealable package that fits into any creel or fishing vest.
Fish-D-Funk Fish Odor Removal wipes come in a plastic canister for boat pier use, or in a resealable package that fits into any creel or fishing vest.

What I first noticed was the relative dryness of the wipes. They weren’t exactly dry, but they sure weren’t wringing wet with the odor removal solution like I thought they would be. There was no way, I thought, that these could wipe out a half-day’s worth of fish slime and liver slop.

Putting on my objective field-tester face, I thoroughly wiped down my hands and fingers, giving some extra attention to the cuticle areas where chicken liver juice tends to accumulate. Once done, I threw the wipe onto the floorboard, raised hands to nose, and inhaled. And inhaled again…and again.

The only thing I could smell was the pleasant, clean aroma that is part of the Fish Odor Removal formula. The fish and liver stink were gone. Not masked. Gone.

Score one for Fish-D-Funk.

The secret to the Fish-D-Funk formula is what the company calls its exclusive Double Down™ technology. Whereas other odor elimination products on the market either neutralize or counteract odors, the Fish-D-Funk formula does both. And while you may think that something this effective would require aggressive compounds, that’s not the case. The active formula is safe for use around humans, pets, aquatic life, and is free of harsh chemicals.

OK. The wipes won the catfish round, but how would they work against my old nemesis, bluegill slime?

For this portion of the test, I didn’t slosh my hands in the lake at all after unhooking the little buggers. Rather, I just wiped the slime on my pants leg and kept on fishing. By the time I got back to the truck after dark, my hands reeked. Again, one Fish-D-Funk wipe removed all fish odor.

Score two for the miracle wipes.

Fish-D-Funk is available in two versions. The Fish Odor Removal product is lightly scented, and is the go-to wipe for eliminating fish smell from your hands when soap and water are not available. The other product is the Fish Catching Formula. This wipe is unscented and is designed to remove your scent and any scent you may pick up that could be transferred to your bait (such as gasoline, oil, sunscreen, or other odors) and prevent or discourage fish from biting. The Fish Odor Removal formula is available in a portable, resealable package that fits conveniently in your creel or fishing vest, or in a plastic dispensing canister that’s ideal for use on the boat. The Fish Catching Formula is available in a dispensing canister.

Many products on the market today make bold claims yet fail to deliver. Don’t count Fish-D-Funk hand wipes among that crowd. I put this product to what I considered the ultimate field test, and it performed beyond my expectations. No doubt, it will do the same for you.


Go here for a list of D-Funk retailers by state. Also available through Amazon Prime.



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