TESTED: The Ultimate Fishing Tackle Storage Solution

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This new product will revolutionize the way you store your fishing tackle. Say goodbye to tangled hooks, dull hook points, and spilled tackle forever!

by the FishOnDaily staff; promoted by Tak Logic

Once in a while, a solution comes along to fix a fundamental problem and our response is, “Of course! Why didn’t someone think of that sooner?”

Take, for example, the fishing gear box. From the wicker-style fishing creels of old to the heavy steel beaters our grandfathers and great grandfathers used to the myriad of plastic boxes on the market since—well, the commercial adaptation of molded plastics—the tackle box has had one fundamental, fatal flaw we’ve all just accepted without question: tangled, renegade hooks and scratched finishes. You put your lures in the box and hope you pull them out freely and undamaged.

This year, a new generation in lure storage solution has hit the shelves, and being dedicated crankbait fans, we couldn’t be more pleased. No more digging our favorite cranks out of the box only to find them locked in a hook-to-hook death match and no more scratches and gouges on those expensive lures. It’s called the Lure Lock, and it’s the debut sporting product from Tak Logic, a company that specializes in advanced gel technology applications.

The heart of the Lure Lock tackle box is a super tacky (yet non-adhering) gel lining in the bottom of the container. This gel aggressively secures whatever you put on it. Drop a crankbait onto the gel and it’s not going anywhere until you pull it off. What’s more, the gel is washable with dish soap and warm water, reusable, leaves no residue on your bait, will not damage paint finishes, does not transfer odor to baits, and performs over a wide temperature range (-15º F to 200 º F).

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The Lure Lock tackle boxes are designed on the familiar modular box theme, but the floors of each box are lined with the company’s proprietary gel that locks onto practically any material. For tackle management, it doesn’t get any more secure than this. Simply place your crankbaits, jig heads, or terminal tackle onto the gel and they will stay in place. No more hooks tangling up or scratching those expensive baits. Drop the box, shake it upside down, do what you will and the contents won’t budge until you are ready to pull them out.


One of the disadvantages of traditional divider boxes is that they are “space-inefficient.” Separate every lure so they won’t tangle with each other and you’ll quickly run out of space—especially when trying to fit multiple-size lures into a single box. While the Lure Lock boxes offer the dividable compartments, it’s not necessary to use them to contain each individual lure. As you can see here, we are able to place multiple lures together in a single divider without them ever tangling up or scratching each other. This gel system, therefore, lets you get more baits in a single Lure Lock tackle box than does conventional boxes without tangling or damaging the contents.


Bass anglers, you’ll appreciate this. The Lure Lock system even works for small items such as the hooks and weights we use for soft plastic baits. We no longer have to shake loose a ball of hooks to rig up or to chase down worm weights. And, of course, if you happen to drop the box while pulling out your tackle, you won’t spend valuable fishing time scooping up weights or plucking hooks out of your deck carpet.


Each Lure Lock box comes with dividers that allow you to customize your compartments. Something noteworthy about these Lure Lock dividers is that they break apart cleanly and precisely by hand without the need for scissors or knives to cut (as is usually the case with competitive systems).


If you have a brace of conventional tackle boxes that you don’t want to go to waste, Lure Lock offers a solution with the Retro Kits. Available in three different sizes to fit type 3500, 3600, and 3700 boxes, with these kits you can simply peel and stick the gel pieces to the bottom of your box and enjoy the same benefits as the Lure Lock boxes, minus the robust construction.


Another cool product from the Lure Lock stable is the Lure Pad. This is ideal for boating anglers who want their phone handy to snap photos or videos. Stick the Lure Pad to your console or other convenient surface and use it to secure your phone. You won’t accidentally knock it off or kick it across the deck and over the boat, yet it’s a quick grab when you need it.


While we are impressed with the advantages of the Lure Lock gel feature and its benefits, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the boxes themselves. We’ve gone through a LOT of modular tackle boxes over the years, but have yet to use any as robustly constructed as these. Strong hinges and durable, solid-locking top latches are the halo features to us. The lid doesn’t pop off its hinges if you overextend it, and you don’t have to “press-and-twist” the lid to make it close and latch properly like so many plastic boxes demand. While we can’t verify the company claim that the Lure Lock boxes can withstand the weight of a 300-pound man, our boxes took our 180- to 200-pound heft and asked for more. Also, the fact that Lure Lock products are 100-percent made in the U.S. earns our further respect.

Tackle boxes may be the least sexy items in the angler’s arsenal, but good ones with solid construction, intelligent design, and features that help protect and organize your gear can boost efficiency and minimize frustration on the water. Those are exactly the benefits we’ve experienced with the Lure Lock system so far this season. If you want to give it a try, you can find Lure Lock products at leading outdoor retailers, including Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Tackle Direct, Fish USA, Academy, Tackle Warehouse, Bass Pro, and coming soon to Gander Outdoors and Dick’s Field & Stream stores. You can also shop direct from the manufacturer.



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