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For the highest quality marine optics on the planet, look no further than Steiner Optics’ Commander series binoculars.

by the FishOnDaily staff

Mariners know that life on the water is a true elemental existence. The blue waters give no quarter to man or machine, which is why maritime professionals and dedicated boating enthusiasts refuse to cut corners when their lives and the lives of their crews depend on gear that always works in the world’s toughest conditions.

The folks at Steiner Optics understand the importance professional mariners and recreational boating enthusiasts like us place on quality, durability, and dependability when we’re out on the water. Their products span the professional range—from land- and naval-based defense to commercial maritime operations. So, for those of you who make your living in a boat, or for those of us who wish we did, Steiner Optics has a series of binoculars called the Commander that we can all get excited about.

Whether you go to work on the water or are a serious recreational mariner, Steiner’s Commander line of binoculars excel in every maritime competency...optimal imaging, fog-proof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and built for a lifetime on the water.
Whether you go to work on the water or are a serious recreational mariner, Steiner’s Commander line of binoculars excel in every maritime competency…optimal imaging, fog-proof, waterproof, impact-resistant, and built for a lifetime on the water.

The Commander line of marine binoculars brings together over 65 years of Steiner’s premium long-range optics technology. It’s the same technology and level of craftsmanship we’ve experienced while field-testing Steiner rifle scopes and field binoculars over the years. The difference is that with the Commander marine binoculars, special attention is given to the key performance benchmarks we like to see in shipboard optics, such as:

  • Maximum light-gathering for dull, overcast, foggy, and dim lighting conditions
  • High edge-to-edge definition for wide-view horizon scanning
  • Optimal image clarity for viewing in hazy, high-moisture-content atmospheres
  • Sealed chassis for fog-proof and waterproof performance
  • Ergonomic and impact-resistant housing with rubber armor coating essential to marine environments
  • Stable, marine-standard 7x magnification for tracking in rough water
  • Hydroponic molecular coating to sheet water and repel dirt, snow, and dust, and to maintain image clarity in the worst conditions
  • Special lens coatings to reduce glare

In short, the Commander series meets and exceeds our requirements for a binocular built for the most exacting marine conditions anywhere in the world—whether that means threading the Florida Keys in search of game fish or taking out clients to battle Alaska halibut. That’s no easy task, but from what we’ve seen of the Commander binoculars and Steiner field optics we’ve had the pleasure of testing, Steiner’s commitment to quality and performance bears out in the real world.


How dedicated is the company to producing the absolute best product possible? As an example, they grind and polish their lenses on-site at their company headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany—a process that, alone, involves over 460 inspection and precision manufacturing steps. This is in addition to the industry leading technological innovations and proprietary manufacturing processes that go into each pair of hand-assembled binoculars.

There are four products in the Commander line-up: Commander Global C 7×50, Commander 7x50c, Commander 7×50, and the Commander 7x30c. You can read the specification of each by clicking on their links.

Commander binoculars

The Commander Global C 7×50 is the go-to for long-haul mariners, thanks largely to its integrated Digital Worldwide Compass and Steiner’s Diamond Marine™ lens coating. The Commander 7x50c and Commander 7×50 are the popular choices for commercial and defense maritime professionals, or for anyone who spends extended periods shipboard.

Our favorite is the Commander 7x30c. It’s more compact and lighter than its shipmates, and is a comfortable, unobtrusive companion when hanging around your neck. Yet in spite of its size, the Commander 7x30c delivers premium imaging and navigation capabilities (via an integrated and illuminated HD stabilized compass and precision ranging reticle) in a robust, easy-to-manage package.

As you can see, no matter your maritime specialty or passion, there is a Commander model that is right for your on-the-water needs. We’ve experienced the “Steiner difference” first-hand, but don’t take our word for it alone. All Commander binoculars come with the Steiner Heritage™ Warranty, which means that Steiner will honor its replace or repair-for-free policy for the lifetime of the binoculars—no warranty card or receipt required. The warranty is even transferable to future product owners.

Now that’s the kind of stand-behind-your-product commitment we can confidently put our faith in.


Steiner Optics


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