We Found a New Secret to Fishing Success!

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No matter what you’re fishing for, productive time on the water is the key to success. We recently discovered a new trick that helps us do just that.

by Mike Disario, FishOnDaily

It has happened to us everywhere—largemouth fishing in central Alabama, brook trout fishing in the Appalachians, walleye fishing in Canada, and numerous locales in-between. On too many occasions to count, we either have cut our fishing day short or could not effectively work the waters due to clouds of biting, stinging, gnawing bugs. Insect repellent helped on some trips, but when we required applications of both insect repellent and sunscreen, it did not seem like things worked that well.

Recently, we discovered why.

The TWO-IN-ONE solution! With Sunsect, we no longer have to pack an insect repellent and a sunscreen, or worry about the two products cancelling each other out. Sunsect delivers 100-percent insect repelling and sunscreening efficiency with a single application.

It turns out that although DEET insect repellent and most topical sunscreens work well by themselves, the two tend to cancel each other out when used simultaneously. That is because most insect repellents are oil-based while most sunscreens are water-based, and the two significantly reduce each other’s effectiveness. Research has shown that, depending on one’s personal body chemistry, the reduction in effectiveness of both the insect repellent and the sunscreen can be as much as 30-50 percent. No wonder we had such a miserable experience on the water during those sunny, bug-swarming days (not to mention the fact that applying two different products always proved to be a hassle).

So, imagine our surprise (delight!) when we came across a product called Sunsect at last year’s ICAST show. We had not heard of it before, but the U.S. military has used the product since 1999 both domestically and overseas. That was validation enough for us to try it.

Sunsect 5
Sunsect goes on as a thick gel, but it is not greasy, isn’t smelly, and it dries quickly. Once dry, it will not harm synthetic materials like many insect repellents can.

As the name implies, Sunsect is a made-in-the-US combination insect repellent and sunscreen. It not only provides the protection we need from annoying and potentially disease-carrying bugs and harmful UV radiation, its molecular structure actually makes the insect repellent component more effective over a longer period of time than when using straight DEET.

Most of us who have used DEET-based repellents know that it works by evaporation. Once applied, the repellent evaporates off your skin, and this is what keeps the biting insects away. It is the repellent “fog” being released off your skin that insects do not like. The problem is that what makes DEET work (the evaporation) also means that you have to reapply it based on the repellent’s DEET concentration. The chemical structure of Sunsect, however, extends DEET’s “timed release” nature, effectively allowing you to use a lower concentration of DEET that works over a longer period—up to three times longer than conventional DEET repellent products. That means fewer applications when you are on the water trying to catch the big one.

How does it work?

A special emulsion in Sunsect suspends the DEET molecules within the water-based sunscreen. This emulsifier allows the DEET to evaporate at a steady, essentially time-released rate, and it prevents the DEET molecules from interacting with the sunscreen compound so that both the sunscreen and the insect repellent components can perform at maximum efficiency and without degradation.

Sunsect’s no-odor, non-greasy formula keeps your baits clean and scent-free.

Aside from its effectiveness in keeping away the bugs and providing sun protection (it is the most effective insect repellent we’ve ever used and it works on virtually every biting insect you’ll ever come in contact with), there are a few other features we like about Sunsect. First, it dispenses as a thick, white gel but rubs on clear and dries quickly. Second, it is not greasy or oily, so it does not leave you with that “yuk” feeling after you apply it. Third, it’s odor-free, unlike many insect repellents and sunscreens on the market today. Simply rub it on and forget about it until it’s time to reapply (usually every few hours). Finally, unlike pure DEET repellents, once Sunsect dries on your skin, and it dries right away, it will not harm synthetics (nylon jackets, fishing line, plastic baits, etc.).

Like you, we are on the water to catch fish and enjoy our time outdoors. Chasing tubes of sunscreen and cans of insect repellent around the boat is not our idea of a good time; neither is getting burned or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes or bitten by ticks. With Sunsect, we have found the solution to both of our problems, and that is success in any angler’s book!




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